Pinnacle East – January 2019 Update

We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year! As you all can see, Florence and her aftermath put a temporary pause on these update posts but we will try to start posting again whenever there is news to share.

They’ve made great progress towards finishing the building over the past several weeks which is great news for all the reservation holders who are eager to get into their brand new condos!

Currently work is being done on the interiors of the units. Cabinets have been installed, painting is being done and light fixtures are coming soon.

Now that there are cabinets installed, all of the doors to the units are locked so if someone does want to see an available one they’ll need to call our office to borrow the key.

Ideally we are looking at mid-February completion. We’re still trying to iron out the last wrinkles in the public offering statement, budget, etc., but there is a team working tirelessly on those items so it shouldn’t be much longer for all of that to be completed either.

We are beyond excited to see this project in it’s final stages and cannot wait for the day to come when it is finally completed. I’m thinking a ribbon cutting and cartoonishly-large scissors might be in order?

Units 1, 2 and 8 are still available – 1 and 8 are end units with the larger balconies and 2 is an interior unit which has the larger great room. We’re hoping those last 3 will go quickly – if anyone has interested clients or would like to take a look please just call the office – 252.247.7700!

Once again Happy New Year and here’s to hoping my next post will be entitled “They’re Done!”