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Posted by Diane Shelor | October 16, 2019

Come out and enjoy the Town Park, located at 915 W Fort Macon Road, across from Bojangles and the Atlantic Station Shopping Center. This park has a large playset, a swingset, merry-go-round, basketball goal, miniature golf, splashpad, skatepark, and more for big and little kids to enjoy. The splashpad and mini golf/concession...

Posted by admin | June 19, 2019
NEWS: Showboat Motel

The Showboat Motel property has been sold by Alan Shelor Real Estate! We should soon see a great improvement to the causeway as we come across the Atlantic Beach bridge.

Posted by admin | March 15, 2019
Hiking at Fort Macon

In addition to all the wonderful history-related activities at Fort Macon here in Atlantic Beach, there is actually a 3.5 mile nature trail that encircles the property as well! This trail is called the Elliott Coues Nature Trail and can be accessed from both the beach access and main fort...

Posted by admin | March 15, 2019
New Website!

Welcome to the new Alan Shelor Real Estate Website! We have made several changes and upgrades that will make your property search much easier! You can now search for any property in the Multiple Listing Service directly from our website, save the properties, share them with friends and family via...

Posted by admin | March 5, 2019
Why Hiring a Local, Experienced Agent Matters

Today's property buyers and sellers are inundated with choices - from even hiring an agent, to which firm if so and from there which specific team or agent they'd like to work with. With all of the other major decisions that are having to be made during such an important...

Posted by admin | January 10, 2019
Pinnacle East – New Photos!

ALL UNITS HAVE BEEN SOLD!!!!!  KEEP CHECKING OUR WEBSITE.....YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN THERE MIGHT BE NEW CONSTRUCTION COMING UP!!! It was amazing to see what a beautiful structure this has become both inside and out! The following photos were all taken in several different units – as you can see...

Posted by admin | October 25, 2018
The Home of Experience
Posted by admin | December 29, 2017
Things To Do in the Crystal Coast Area During the Off Season

Sitting here thoroughly enjoying these 20-below-average temperatures, as I’m sure many of you are, got me thinking “What in the world are we supposed to do around here when it is THIS COLD?!” I took the liberty of digging around to find out just what exactly there is to do...

Posted by admin | December 26, 2017
Question to Ask When Choosing a Listing Agent

Selecting an agent with whom to list your property can arguably be one of the biggest business decisions you ever make. With so many factors at play throughout the entire process of listing and selling a home or land, there are some questions you should always be prepared to ask...

Posted by admin | December 21, 2017
2020 – Noting Alan Shelor’s predictions for the 2019 year….we saw it slowly start to happen…… Predictions for the 2020 Real Estate Market

With a new year fast approaching, those with interest in the housing market always wonder what the future months will bring. Though real estate is a somewhat unpredictable industry, there are certain trends that may be observed and predictions to be made based on the performance of the previous year....