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With many decades of combined experience, the agents at Alan Shelor Real Estate know the Crystal Coast region better than anyone and are excited to be able to pass that knowledge down to the next generation of Realtors. Alan and many of the other agents have spent the majority of their lives in the area and they have a wealth of information to share regarding the real estate business and fantastic connections with other locally owned businesses.


Selling is the ultimate goal in this business whether it be through finding a home for buyer-clients or listing homes for seller clients. For our buyer clients we are able to do extensive research based on their home-buying criteria to present them with only the best properties that fit their needs. For our seller clients, we begin a comprehensive marketing campaign right away and will work diligently to get their property sold quickly and for the best price possible.


In our office, everyone is treated like family. Everyone wants to make a profit and that remains a top goal, but we also care about each other, know each other’s families and are there for each other when life throws it’s inevitable curve balls. If you’re looking to begin, build or continue your career in an environment where you feel you’re truly cared for as a person and not just treated as another number, our company could be the perfect place for you.

Details and Requirements

Here at Alan Shelor Real Estate, we are seeking out experienced, licensed brokers who are perhaps seeking a more relaxed environment in which to be successful. Agents who know the ropes, have taken the classes and done the footwork but are ready for something different. This office is truly like a family. Besides the fact that Alan’s wife is a member of the team, all of the agents currently here have essentially been with the company or friends of the family for years and that is just how anyone new should expect to be treated.

We aren’t looking out for the bottom line of a franchise, we simply want to succeed and watch and help others do the same.

With our company, you won’t be asked to pay desk rent – outside of typical commission splits, your only other obligation is to be on the duty rotation schedule which amounts to a few half-days and one Saturday per month. This works to your advantage as any cold calls and leads that come in during this time automatically belong to you.

Have you perhaps been active in real estate in North Carolina for awhile but are new to our area and not getting the guidance you need? Ask anyone, even other brokers in the area, who is the most knowledgeable person regarding real estate in Atlantic Beach and it’s guaranteed you’ll get the same answer: Alan Shelor. With over 40 years of experience, he knows more about the island than just about anyone and he is always willing to share his knowledge and experience with company agents.

If working in a flexible yet successful and competitive environment on the beach sounds like it would be the right fit for you, please submit your information in the form below. We would be honored to schedule a time to sit down and further discuss your needs and career goals.


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